History of Carina Ulixis

Pascal Pouplier, Shipyard manager, loves catamarans……

This is clearly demonstrated by his involvement from the creation to the launching of all the Catamaran built at their Mediterranean base at Canet-en-Roussillon; he is always there. He even lives on one of them with his Wife, Carine, and their children.

Like many others, Pascal has always wanted to travel around the world with his family on a catamaran. He realised from talking with many clients that he could also make this dream a reality for many other people with a new approach.

Pascal has created the company « Carina Ulixis », which is Latin for ‘Odysseus’s Ship’ implying a calm trip full of freedom and discoveries. He will provide long term charter of luxurious, high quality, reliable catamarans for extended cruising.

This approach will enable families like his to sail away on their dream trip without having to find the capital to finance the purchase of a boat, the preparation, and without having the problems associated with the re-sale of a boat after the trip.

Equally importantly, « Carina Ulixis » will provide not only the boat, but also personal, professional and permanent monitoring of the boat during the preparation and the trip itself; invaluable back up.